About Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and Economic Offences (DoRIEO)

In continuation to the facilitation of the contributors of State Revenue i.e. Tax payers of Commercial Taxes, Transport, Mining, Stamps and Registration and State Excise, various reforms were undertaken by the Government time to time. In May 2008, Commercial Taxes Checkposts were abolished. After extensive deliberations, flying squads of Commercial Taxes were also removed in successive Budget Announcements. These facilitation initiatives were warmly welcomed by the Trade and industry of the State.

Reforms are necessary for facilitation but importance of vigilance over Revenue leakages can not be over emphasized. In view to ensure State Revenue, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and Economic Offences has been established in consonance of the budget announcement. The DoRIEO is envisaged as a watchdog over the revenue collection. Although Commercial Taxes Department is contributor of 67% State Revenue, but the revenue from other departments like Transport, Mining, State Excise and Stamps & Registration is also important for the State, therefore, all sources of State Revenue has been brought in the ambit of the DoRIEO.